This third version of Jacques is sizzling hot!

The colour just wanted to be on a rock guitar. We chose the shape of Jacques, this time made of swamp ash for the body and a two-piece roasted maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. The lacquer is nitro cellulose, which always starts ageing by itself immediately after coating. It will sink into the big pores of the ash and will crackle as time goes by and the nickel-plated hardware will tarnish naturally. That matches the oiled neck, that feels so great and will age with playing it. An oiled maple neck is the best there is.

The 2-point "Vintage" tremolo by Schaller swirrs nicely and together with the Andreas Kloppmann singlecoils, it makes a round and bouncy sound. The P90 at the bridge position is very punchy but it complements the other pickups perfectly. The 5-way blade switch almost works like on a Strat, but in the 3rd position it switches to the bridge and neck pickups in parallel instead of the middle pickup. This position we loved on the 2nd Jacques , so we wanted it on this one as well. It is just a sound that is special and not often heard.

We are happy with this build! Jacques is a really nice guitar.

  • Body: swamp ash, 2-piece
  • Neck: roasted maple, 2 pieces
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Machines: Schaller M6 Mini
  • Bridge: Schaller Vintage tremolo
  • Neck pickup: Kloppmann ST Real 62
  • Middle pickup: Kloppmann ST Real 62
  • Bridge pickup: Kloppmann SB 52
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Finish: „Orange Hot Chili Pepper“ (red high gloss nitro and an oiled neck)
  • Year of manufacture: 2022