• Elektra in der Totalansicht

Elektra's archetype is the bass Madari . The customer fell in love with the shape and was curious for the multiscale fretboard that he had not have made any experience with. That was bold because he didn't want to test any other multiscale bass before. So Elektra was the first multiscale bass he played. But we had no worries because playing this kind of fretboard is very intuitive and almost more comfortable than on standard basses.

But this should not become a copy of Madari (which we would not do). The woods are completely different and more like a typical Jazz Bass: alder body and maple neck (in this case it is made of 3 highly flamed pieces). The fretboard is a specialty because he wanted no tropical woods so we took very dark and dense plumtree. The body we painted green metallic, the neck is clear, both are high gloss.

Instead of 4 strings it has 5 and whereas Madari has scales between 812mm and 838mm, Elektra has 838mm to 880mm, which is perfect for the B string, because only the very long scale makes it sound defined. The Wagner gold frets are a lot harder than nickel silver but much easier to work with than stainless steel.

We took Schaller machines and ABM single bridges. The pickups are mady by Andreas Kloppmann . They are based on his model JB 61-5 but the offset position required a different magnet spacing. We made wood covers for them that we painted green metallic, too. The electronics are the J-Retro 01 Deluxe set from East UK that is usually mounted on a JB metal plate and all the pots are mounted on a circuit board, so we had to put them in a row and set the miniswitch down.

This is Elektra. A real rock bass with a modern approach, easy to play and sounding great. And this colour!

  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: flamed maple 3-piece
  • Fretboard: Plumtree
  • Frets: 21 Wagner GOLD, vintage size
  • Machines: Schaller M4 Light
  • Bridge: ABM single bridges
  • Pickups: Kloppmann JB 61-5 set with custom spacing and painted wood covers
  • Scale: multiscale 838mm (g-string) - 880mm (B-string)
  • Year of manufacture: 2020