This guitar is a custom build. The customer had seen the first green Bella on our website and fell in love with it. Since the owner lived in the workshop‘s neighbourhood and is a nice guy, he borrowed it to me and after testing it, the new customer was convinced. While the first one was quite tame, the new Bella should become a solid metal guitar: 7 strings (drop A tuning), active pickups and a custom optical detail.

The long 660 mm scale of this model is great for a low tuning, so we could use it here. If you play low tuning on a short scale with thin strings, you get slack strings, if you have thick strings, you get disharmonic sounds. With our longer scale you prevent this.

The scale, the stiff 5 pieces-neck and the slightly chambered light body make a great attack while having long sustain.

The customer wanted his breast tattoo (the tragedy-comedy-masks) on the guitar. We decided not to make it as an inlay but as a part of the finish. So like the fake binding it got masked while painting the green on the top.

  • Body: meranti
  • Top: flamed maple
  • Neck: flamed maple/padouk, 5 pieces
  • Fretboard: padouk
  • Machines: Schaller M6 mini
  • Bridge: ABM 3256
  • Neck pickup: EMG 707TW
  • Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan Blackout
  • Scale: 660 mm
  • Year of manufacture: 2015