We have built this Ava according to a customer's order. He was so impressed by the second Ava that he wanted a copy that had only one change: the whole guitar should get a matte finish.

Of course, he could select the pieces of wood that we would take. So, for fretboard, bridge, sides, back and headstock veneer we got a brighter Madagascarn rosewood, compared to the other guitar. The top is western red cedar and has our arched fan bracing made of spruce that reaches into two big cedro braces that are set in the cedro neck block. The neck is also cedro, that is very robust and light. On the fretboard, we find EVO gold frets in narrow vintage format that are very hard.

Bridge saddle and nut are traditionally made of bone, which is durable and good for tuning stability! The tuning machines are very well working Schaller GrandTunes. On the headstock, you can see the other change we made: the cut-out trussrod cover is no longer held with a screw but with a magnet. This makes this guitar even more unpretentious and elegant.

And this is what the customer, besides the sound, loved about this model. Mission accomplished! The guitar turned out great and the customer is happy.

  • Back & sides: Madagascarn rosewood
  • Top: western red cedar
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Fretboard: Madagascarn rosewood
  • Bindings: indian rosewood
  • Machines: Schaller GrandTune
  • Bridge: Madagascarn rosewood
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Frets: EVO gold, vintage size
  • Year of manufacture: 2022