This is the second Ava.

Compared to the first one we changed a lot. At first, we improved the headstock design. It is a bit bigger and looks more mature, also fits better to the body contour.

Then we did a major change in the construction which we will have to study on future version: instead of the 12th, we put the neck joint on the 14th fret, which does not only make the neck longer and more familiar to use for most players but also changes the bridge's position.

And third, we took completely different woods: Mario brought some Madagascarn rosewood when he joined our workshop that seemed to be made for this guitar so he took it for the back, sides, fretboard, bridge and the headstock veneer. The top is western red cedar, the neck and parts of the bracing are mahogany, the rest of the bracings is made of spruce.

So, apart from the contour and the bracing, this is a completely different instrument. And this you can hear: A strong (and for such a small instrument remarkable) bass, soft trebles and slightly restrained mids make it a very good accompanying instrument whilst the first one was more of a solo guitar.

It is great for us to see that you can make such different instruments with one basic construction. We are looking forward to the next ones.

Lies hier den Test aus der Gitarre&Bass 01/2021!

  • Back & sides: Madagascarn rosewood
  • Top: western red cedar
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Fretboard: Madagascarn rosewood
  • Bindings: indian rosewood
  • Machines: Schaller GrandTune
  • Bridge: Madagascarn rosewood
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Frets: EVO gold, vintage size
  • Year of manufacture: 2020

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Video & Produktion: Kevin Peplinski \ 23BIT Visuals, music: Filip Dinev